Breaking the stigma: Why we should get busy down under

For the Facebook 30-day orgasm challenge it doesn’t matter how you do it: with a vibrator, your partner, or just you giving yourself a helping hand. There is only one rule. You have to do it for 30 days straight. Continue reading Breaking the stigma: Why we should get busy down under


Sadism and Homosexuality on TV

So I was watching Outlander’s first season finale last Sunday (don’t laugh, New Yorker’s TV critic Emily Nussbaum recommends it), enjoying its general gender bending approach to the fantasy genre, when I realized “Houston, we have a problem.”

The show’s supervillain? The one who gets off on torture and rape? He specifically gets off on men. Well, I thought that cliché was long since played out: the evil one is gay.

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Digital Debauchery

“It’s not cheating when it’s online, is it?” This question is commonly asked on forums as internet affairs are becoming more frequent as research projects suggest that between 20 to 70% of partners have committed adultery, and the internet has made this all too easy. The internet has given us unprecedented access to almost everything we desire, testing our loyalties in ways we never imagined.

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Same sex marriage – After Ireland… Australia?

After May 22nd’s historic vote in Ireland to allow same sex marriage The Hook is investigating marriage equality debates in different countries. In a three-part series we will look at the issue in Germany, Australia and Italy, where the Irish vote has sparked wider public debate.

Australia’s debate over Marriage Equality continued to rumble on after the vote in favour in Ireland. The days following events in Dublin saw the Australian Labour party Leader Bill Shorten move to introduce a bill which would pave the way for Australia to follow Ireland’s example.

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Sexiest Song of… The 2000’s

After three days covering 30 years of Disco decadence, Rave romance, and Trip-Hop teasing, we’re wrapping up with the first decade of the new Millennium. The 2000’s gave us plenty of music to put your hands up for and plenty we’d rather forget.

It also gave us a song by one of the sexiest rock’n’roll outfit ever assembled: Queens of the Stone Age’s 2007’s single ‘Make it Wit Chu’ wins this decade’s sexiest title for proving, once and for all, that Jonathan Swift was right: “It is observed that the red-haired of both sexes are more libidinous and mischievous than the rest.” Continue reading Sexiest Song of… The 2000’s

How do you define femininity and masculinity?

We are all familiar with the words femininity and masculinity but each of us has a different definition for them. Is a man allowed to cry? Should women wear lipstick and seductive dresses? And who does the dishes at home? We went on the streets of Groningen to ask people how they define gender roles.

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The ultimate Sex and the Tribe Travel Guide

By Radost Gospodinova

Pack your bags and set off on a long, well-deserved voyage to an isolated beach in a foreign country as summer is finally banging on the door. Before things get too exciting and exotic, or shall I say, sexotic, take a good look at this selection of some really unconventional sex rituals in different tribes all over the world.

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