Try something different this year

It is December and you are still sitting on you couch with a cup of hot coffee, thinking of where you could travel this Christmas.

Hmmm! What about Greece?

It is true that Greece is a popular destination for summer vacation; however it can also be an ideal destination for Christmas especially for people who want to celebrate in a warm and sunny country. Below you will find the top five Greek destinations for Christmas.


The capital city of Greece offers a modern version of Christmas.  The Syntagma square hosts the city’s gigantic Christmas tree and a big stage which hosts many of the most popular singers in Greece.
The Santa Claus and the elves organize activities and workshops for children all day long in the National garden. In the meantime, parents can test their ice skating skills on the ice rink.

Jazz and classical melodies are part of the everyday Christmas atmosphere and will be present in every corner and neighborhood of the city.



Arachova is located very close to Athens and other destinations, like the renowned oracle of Delphi.

Local residents are trying until today to preserve the region’s traditional style. The use of wood and stone makes Arachova’s buildings unique. The narrow paths covered by stone are also worth seeing.

There are three different ski centers located on the slopes of mount Parnassos. However, those who aren’t into skiing can enjoy the spa and sauna facilities that the wooden chalets of Arachova provide.



Thessaloniki is also an ideal destination to celebrate Christmas. The municipality of Thessaloniki decorates a ship every year, which is part of the Greek Christmas tradition, in the middle of the Aristotelous square.

The Kapani Street calls tourists to visit and
taste a unique Christmas experience. People defy the cold
and dance in the middle of the street, accompanied by traditional Greek music and red wine.


Those who will choose Thessaloniki should not neglect to taste the famous Terkenlis’ brioche with chocolate, which will fill their mouth with flavors and aromas.




Kastoria is one of the most romantic cities of Greece. The city is built on the edge of the lake of Kastoria offering a majestic view. Tourists can wander around the city and admire the combination of traditional and modern elements.

Those who will choose Kastoria as their Christmas destination should make sure that they will be there between 6th-8th of January. Locals celebrate the famous Ragoutsaria, which is a revival of the ceremonies of God Dionysus. People dress up and celebrate with their heart until the first morning hours.

As Kastoria is the biggest producer of products related to fur, it is a must for tourists to pay a visit to the local stores and buy a pair of warm slippers for the winter.




Drama hosts the most famous Greek Santa Claus village, Oneiroupoli, a theme park which offers a variety of activities and is place where the Christmas spirit overcomes any language or age barriers. The last few years Oneiroupoli has become synonymous with Christmas for the north of Greece.

Besides Oneiroupoli, tourists who will visit Drama, can also organize daily excursions to the ski resort of Drama, Falakros.
The colorful village will guide its visitors into a magical fairytale and offers them the ultimate Christmas atmosphere.


By Valia Papadopoulou



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