Pushed to the limit

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“So that the whole world knows… Mexico is a fallen country, Tamaulipas is a state governed by the drug dealers, what the hell are you waiting for to do something about it???”

 A 26-year-old Mexican from Tampico, shattered by the grief for the kidnapping of his brother and two of his friends, decided to use Facebook to say the names and surnames of the criminals who took them.

He wrote a long post, in which he directly accused three men, trying to break the wall of silence that fear can create around criminals that everyone in the city knows.

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I love you dude and I promise you those bastards ____ and ____ will regret having done what they did, I did it in the attorney office and I’m doing it in the biggest place for gossip in the world, those people took life away from you and I don’t think it’s fair. (Fear, happiness and life are temporary… no one is god to take my family) I denounce _____, _____ and _____ and the bunch of bastards that are with them (they took my brother) and I demand that they bring my brother back, no matter how.

I love you with all my heart and I hope that you, _____ and _____ find peace.

I will miss you for the rest of the days that are left in my life brother, I love you.

Interaction with the drug dealers is normal, in Tampico, a Mexican citizen told me. “They come to the restaurant with guns. They rule the city,” she added.

“They call them narco-politicians. There is no rule of law,” as “you cannot call the police or anything because they are together.”

This is why this man decided to write that post, after having addressed the attorney’s office asking for something to be done, probably without any result. He chose what he called “the biggest place for gossip in the world,” hoping to give visibility to his accusation and to obtain a response.

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Half of Tampico knows that what I’m saying it’s true, I wish [I had] the same 800 likes I have in the last picture I shared of my brother and his friend… I wish this post will have the same shares, I hope this situation not to be left in impunity and the shitty fucking country where we live will change!

Sadly, Mexico is well known as one of the countries with the highest rate of kidnappings in the world. In 2013, there were an estimated 105,682 kidnapping cases, according to the National Mexican Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI). Only 1317 abductions were reported to the police forces.

The brother of the man and his two friends disappeared in the first weeks of January. According to the Mexican woman I spoke to, usually the victim is given back in a short time, but “now that it’s already a month it’s impossible they are alive.”

Probably, the grief became unbearable for him.

Apparently, the drug dealers already contacted the guy. Again, he declared it publicly, exhorting the readers to “hacer ruido,” that is to “make some noise,” so that the crime will not pass under silence.

mex 4

“And if I happen to disappear cause the narco comes for me.. I don’t give a shit!!” he wrote. “In the end, they have already screwed and made unhappy my whole family.”

The last comment says: “They want me to shut up, but sorry, I’ll make it global.”

by Emanuele Del Rosso


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