A Russian Alarm Clock

Reddit user walt_ua was woken up on February 10th, not by his alarm clock, but by the impact of a BM30 Smerch missile, which smashed through his apartment balcony. His apartment is located in the city of Kramatorsk, 50km from the frontline of fighting in eastern Ukraine, previously considered a ‘safe’ area.

After seeing walt_ua’s post, I invited reddit users from the city of Kramatorsk to share their pictures from the city with me.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The rocket that hit walt_ua’s apartment was part of a barrage that killed 7 civilians and wounded 26, according to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. Some local sources claim the death toll to be higher however.

The BM30 Smerch is a type of unguided cluster bomb fired from a vehicle-borne launcher. Before hitting its target, the rocket shell splits open, indiscriminately scattering dozens or hundreds of submunitions over a target area; which remain lethal until properly defused.

The streets of Kramatorsk are now littered with empty rocket shells and unexploded submunitions.

After the attack, walt_ua photographed the damage, sharing the pictures on reddit, before leaving for his hometown of Lviv, near the Polish border. “The shelling was a deadline for me (not) to work here any longer,” he said.


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