Welcome to the Hook’s special edition: Six ‘Sexy’ Days

Sexy songs, kosher dildos, and the orgasm challenge. Got your attention yet?

This week (2-7 June) we’re running a themed edition of The Hook, which is why our trademark blue has been replaced by a fiery red much more befitting our theme this week:


Yes, sex has been covered nearly to death and by any type of media you can think of. We’re aware. We’re all twentysomething aspiring journalists. We grew up with the internet.

The games we played online were prefaced with ads online explaining how hot Japanese chicks were waiting for us, prepared to do anything we wanted. When downloading torrents to watch a movie a glance to the right would remind us mail order brides from Russia were only one click away. This computer spam tells a singular tale: sex is something to be packaged and sold.

We heeded this tale, so here is our magazine. But we are making this on our own terms. Now, thanks to modern technology sex has become easier to get but more difficult to get right. We live in an age where there is an abundance of articles about sex, from how-to’s to taboo breaking displays. Fluff pieces on the benefits of giving blowjobs are published every minute.

That’s not what we’re after this week. As a team of journalists-in-the-making we are creating a one-week multimedia magazine exploring what it means to write, in a journalistically responsible way, about sex in a time like this. What can you expect?

Pieces that range from sex shops infiltrating the holy city of Mecca, to the reality of gay marriage in the EU and….yes, even how animals have sex.


– Maria


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