Sexiest Song of… The 2000’s

After three days covering 30 years of Disco decadence, Rave romance, and Trip-Hop teasing, we’re wrapping up with the first decade of the new Millennium. The 2000’s gave us plenty of music to put your hands up for and plenty we’d rather forget.

It also gave us a song by one of the sexiest rock’n’roll outfit ever assembled: Queens of the Stone Age’s 2007’s single ‘Make it Wit Chu’ wins this decade’s sexiest title for proving, once and for all, that Jonathan Swift was right: “It is observed that the red-haired of both sexes are more libidinous and mischievous than the rest.”

A band known for heavy guitars and stoner rock freak outs aren’t going to be to everyone’s taste. But on ‘Make it Wit Chu’ vocalist Josh Homme slows things down and sweetens things up with a lotta his sugar: That dirty/sweet croon leaving you hanging on every word, mixed with a rhythm so laid back its already horizontal.

make it 5

Queens of the Stone Age have always been a band to make their own way, and ‘Make it Wit Chu’ is the sound of Homme and Co. throwing a big middle finger to fans who only wanted heavier/harder/faster. It’s the sound of a songwriter (consistently voted into sexiest redhead lists) comfortable with expressing something sexy and sweet in a kinda, relatably goofy way:

“If I told you that I knew / About the sun and the moon, I’d be untrue / The only thing I know for sure / Is what I wanna do”.

make it 2

After so much electronic music in the last few posts, it’s exactly the kind of rock song which deserves to be on this list: it’s a track more fun to get down than it is about explicitly fucking. And given that it’s June right now, it’s a perfect time to recommend a song written for sweaty summer evenings, and fun in the morning sun.


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