The ultimate Sex and the Tribe Travel Guide

By Radost Gospodinova

Pack your bags and set off on a long, well-deserved voyage to an isolated beach in a foreign country as summer is finally banging on the door. Before things get too exciting and exotic, or shall I say, sexotic, take a good look at this selection of some really unconventional sex rituals in different tribes all over the world.


Ha•ti, Saut-d'Eau. Le jour de la fte de Notre-Dame-du-Mont-Carmel, des fidles prennent un

Who has not been daydreaming of having a few days off in the Caribbean? Pristine beaches, crystalline blue waters, white sand and a lot of attractive people. Haiti has its charm and according to tourism experts it’s making a hot come back especially after the devastating natural catastrophes which hit the island in the past few years.
July is perfect for a trip to the waterfalls of Saut d’Eau. But what you will be about to witness there is quite a view! A group of naked people shaking and twisting, dancing and singing in the water in the name of the goddess of love. Sounds great! Not until you realize all these intoxicated locals wallow in mud, blood from sacrificed animals and a variety of other body juices.

(06) Saut D'EauSource:

This annual voodoo ritual starts more like a colorful festival until the exorcism begins. They sing and pray, light candles and wash their faces with love potion of herbs and spring water. Suddenly someone passes out in the waterfall in convulsions among the heads of massacred cows and goats. A sharp scream marks the successful release of all evil spirits. Let love reign!


After the devastating series of killer earthquakes, Nepal turned from a unique destination for hiking and trekking in a land of spirituality and ethnic riches to a no-go place for some tourists. Still the slopes of Mount Everest and the streets of Katmandu attract enthusiasts from all over the world who want to experience the Himalayas and the influence of Buddhism.
To discover the love of your life on the way sounds like a story from the “travel bestsellers”  section in the New York Times. Not if you end up in this Himalayan polyandrous society. There is a saying that two is always better than one but in this case it might be a little bit too much.

Sharing is everything but sharing your wife with…your brother just sounds too generous! Today polygamy is a taboo but in the past it was a common practice in Tibet, parts of China and northern India. The lack of land available for farming and agriculture forces Nepalese families with two or more sons to create one mutual family in order to prevent future conflicts for land.



The solution is one wife, good “scheduling” and the absolute lack of any kind of jealousy and possessiveness. In the Western world brothers often fight about the last cookie, socks and who’s got the TV remote. In Nepal it works in the name of survival. What do women think about this? It’s all about understanding and mutual happiness.


From Nepal straight to Niger where the sharing practices simply do not work. The Wodaabe tribe does not play by the rules. During the Gerewol festival, men dress and put make up on their faces and cast in a male beauty pageant not only for the sake of vanity and beauty. At the end of the night someone might go home with a new wife – a stolen one. Dress to impress and then just steal the another man’s girl. Literally.

Pic: Copyright Timothy Allen


Every Wodaabe girl or boy has already an arranged marriage but Gerewol is a second chance for some to find their true soul mate or to get their heart broken. The new relationships may last no longer than a week or forever but whether they will be socially recognized depends if the theft was undetected. Meaning that the thief’s skills have to be so perfect that no one notices his beloved is missing.

Pic: Copyright Timothy Allen

Source: Pic: Copyright Timothy Allen


Latin America is famous for its spicy food, raw, savage beauty and dancing. Be careful with who and how you dance though especially if you are in Colombia.



There is an unquestionable connection between dancing and sex. No wonder why George Bernard Shaw said dancing is: “The vertical expression of a horizontal desire legalized by music”. However, mind your dance techniques and steps because the Guajiro people of Colombia take part in a ceremonial dance in which if a young woman trips a young man while dancing, she must have sex with him and get married.

Papua, New Guinea

Going on vacation with children might be a wonderful experience for you and them. Great memories, funny moments and a lot of pictures to laugh at. But let’s keep it real! Sometimes it might turn into a hell – dirty diapers, nasty screaming toddlers and the father, who is always somewhere else in case of an emergency.

Kiriwina, Papua New Guinea --- Unmarried Girls in Costume for Traditional Dance on Kiriwina Island --- Image by © Macduff Everton/Corbis

Source:  Macduff Everton/Corbis

If you are going to Papua Guinea you might consider not taking the children for another reason. The Trobrianders are very sexually liberated tribe. Even though the Western societies went through a couple of sex revolutions, researchers agree that the Trobrianders reached the ultimate borders of it. Not only are women and men absolutely equally interested in having sex, (kids also do it) the same goes for their kids. The children from the tribe start their sexual experience at the age of 6-8 for girls and 10-12 for the guys. There is no social stigma or judgment. On the contrary, there are different rituals during which kid can date and hook up with the rest. Marriage before the age of 12 has a green light but sharing food without any strings attached is a definite no.

Vacation and sex are two things that come often together in the “travel package”. To prevent weird encounters or end up married for siblings, some simple research of distant peoples might be very useful before arriving at your “friendly” host tribe.


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