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Emanuele Del Rosso is a tall, 28 years old Italian guy. He is a journalist, but also a photographer and, in his free time, a cartoonist. His main interests are international and political news, but you will find features and long form articles with his firm as well. He likes to dress elegant, to brush his moustache and to read the newspapers drinking some good tea. You can follow him on twitter @EmaDelRosso. Take a look at his works also at at

Same sex marriage – After Ireland… Italy?

After the historic vote in Ireland to allow same sex marriage The Hook is investigating marriage equality debates in different countries. In a three-part series we will look at the issue in Germany, Australia and Italy, where the Irish vote has sparked wider public debate.

In the aftermath of the Irish vote in favour of gay marriages, one thing must be told to all of those hoping the same thing will happen in Italy: it won’t.

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“I hereby pronounce you married dudes”

Emma and Regina’s wedding was celebrated in a friend’s pub. There were rose bouquets, best men and bridesmaids. There was proper wedding music and the master of ceremonies stood on a little stage set for the event. Solemn vows were pronounced, rings were exchanged and there were tears of joy during the kiss that ratified the union.

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Surveillance superheroes (too much for a movie night)

Being sick sucks. You’ve a headache, every part of your body hurts and you cannot focus on anything really serious. This is why, to boost up my immune system and kick out the flu, I decided that I needed a good superhero movie: The Avengers. I didn’t know what I was stepping into.


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