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Sadism and Homosexuality on TV

So I was watching Outlander’s first season finale last Sunday (don’t laugh, New Yorker’s TV critic Emily Nussbaum recommends it), enjoying its general gender bending approach to the fantasy genre, when I realized “Houston, we have a problem.”

The show’s supervillain? The one who gets off on torture and rape? He specifically gets off on men. Well, I thought that cliché was long since played out: the evil one is gay.

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6 Sexy Days – Best and Worst of Groningen’s Pickup

Pickup lines can be very annoying. You have to admit though, some can be pretty witty and creative! Here is the finest collection of the worst and the best pickup lines from the people of Groningen.

The ultimate Sex and the Tribe Travel Guide

By Radost Gospodinova

Pack your bags and set off on a long, well-deserved voyage to an isolated beach in a foreign country as summer is finally banging on the door. Before things get too exciting and exotic, or shall I say, sexotic, take a good look at this selection of some really unconventional sex rituals in different tribes all over the world.

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Shared Responsibility?

The 1960s sexual revolution promised carefree sex and a more empowered role for women with the invention of the birth control pill. It didn’t entirely live up to its promise. Over half a century later, even protected sex is rarely risk-free. When it comes to birth control, it’s women who still live with the unintended consequences, from birth control side-effects to pregnancy. In an age of self-driving cars, we haven’t perfected birth control yet.

We might be closing in on it though. Indian scientist Suja Guha invented non-hormonal birth control for men back in 1979—two decades after the invention of the pill. It works just like a vasectomy for up to ten years but can be reversed anytime, would have a near-perfect success rate, and has zero side-effects. Continue reading Shared Responsibility?

Sex in the animal kingdom. What happens in your backyard?

By Radost Gospodinova

When you’re thinking of wild sex your backyard might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But what happens in the shades of the trees and the disguise of the bushes is just a tiny part of the secret sex life of all animals which inhabit your garden.


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Welcome to the Hook’s special edition: Six ‘Sexy’ Days

Sexy songs, kosher dildos, and the orgasm challenge. Got your attention yet?

This week (2-7 June) we’re running a themed edition of The Hook, which is why our trademark blue has been replaced by a fiery red much more befitting our theme this week:


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Weird News From Around The Web

Need a little pick-me-up at the end of your workweek? A conversation starter for a shy crush? Or just a laugh? Whatever you need, eat your heart out with this list of strange news items from the past week:

  • Obama should never follow people on Twitter, weird shit happens. A woman fom New York city was put in a mental institution for claiming the American president followed her on Twitter (spoiler alert: he does).

"Oops." Source.

Oops. Source.

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Dutch News Down

The Netherlands found itself in a bit of a compromising position on January 29th: the public broadcast station, the one that is supposed to keep on providing information in times of war among other things, was down “because of circumstances.” Twitter became the best source of news on the situation, exemplifying the challenges of integrating social media into traditional reporting.

NOS news goes down january 29 2015
The image that was broadcasted instead of the evening news, reading: “Please have patience – due to circumstances there is no News Broadcast possible at this time.”

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Why the Mockingjay movie was better than the book

Mockingjay, the third instalment of the Hunger Games series, has finally hit theatres. The first two movies showed children fighting each other to the death in the Hunger Games, a televised reality show. This time, it gets even darker.

Where Catching Fire, number two in the trilogy, left its viewer with the feeling that revolution was coming, now, Mockingjay has lost all of this urgency. It serves more as a stepping stone for the last Hunger Games than anything else.

But what it does well is depicting the highly manipulated televising of a revolution as well as what happens to those who dare to revolt.

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Message for Starbucks Lovers

7:00 a.m. You wake up and open your tablet. You log in. 7:30 a.m. you finish your shower. You hear the doorbell, Starbucks! Your coffee has arrived.

Starbucks is re-defining the term “instant coffee.” Only three years ago, Starbucks’ Mobile Pour Service, a delivery service by baristas on scooters, turned out to be an April Fool’s joke. Now, it’s going to be for real: Starbucks will start bringing your coffee wherever you please.


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