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The end of horrible stock photography


Regardless of whether you are a journalist, blogger, developer, or designer, most of us run into the same problem at some point: We have no budget to buy a digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) or to hire a professional photographer to add illustrations to our work. But to draw attention to a newly set up web presence, high quality photography is essential. Continue reading The end of horrible stock photography


How to make full use of Twitter and LinkedIn

As a group of young journalists we give each other feedback and talk about ideas constantly. This is as important as exchanging useful tools that could become necessities for our future working life. In the Tips & Tricks section The Hook wants to present you convenient hacks that can help any journalist, writer, or blogger.

You know someone who knows someone but you can’t find their email address in your pile of notes and your address book is nowhere to be found? Maybe it’s time to put your address book aside and to start structuring your contacts digitally. Today I’ll introduce you to two tools that can help you. Continue reading How to make full use of Twitter and LinkedIn