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Digital Debauchery

“It’s not cheating when it’s online, is it?” This question is commonly asked on forums as internet affairs are becoming more frequent as research projects suggest that between 20 to 70% of partners have committed adultery, and the internet has made this all too easy. The internet has given us unprecedented access to almost everything we desire, testing our loyalties in ways we never imagined.

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Who’s Behind the Curtain?

Some sex workers just sell the sexual act while others claim to offer “true love.” But whatever the proposition is, it’s for money. The Hook talked to a prostitute and an ex-gigolo about their work in the Dutch sex business.

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Twilight of the woodsman

Like seemingly every creative profession in the world, porn is always in a state of flux, and the male porn star is never secure in his work. The rise of free, on-demand internet pornography means actors now have to work longer and harder, and for less money. But that has never deterred legions of horny young men from trying to break into the industry.

However, in the supposedly uninhibited and sexually liberated Netherlands, porn studios are finding it unusually difficult to recruit male talent.

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The Sex Workers are Angry

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Rows of windows, bright red lights, and scantily clad women. Some of them are seductively swinging their hips beckoning people closer. Others are seemingly bored, leaning against the window sill playing with their phones. In a maze of dingy alleys customers shuffle alongside tourists and drug dealers alike.

It’s an image that the municipality of Amsterdam wanted to change, even though they are unwilling to comment on it directly.

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The Kosher Way to Sex

Feathered handcuffs, vibrators in all forms and sizes, lubricant, and a blue happy hippo cockring. These are items found in most sex shops, online or offline. But the products offered by better2gether are ‘kosher’, specifically aimed at Orthodox Jews and they have one function: offering a helping hand in the devout’s bedroom.

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Eljarro’s Pornucopia

Have you ever smelled the lingering scent of anal sex? A mixture of sharp body odour, with a pungent hint of excrement and undertones of condom latex. In a darkened basement, lit only by ultraviolet strip lights and the glare from the screens showing hardcore erotica 24 hours a day, it hangs heavy in the air.

The dense aroma, which fights with the smell of industrial cleaning chemicals, is a reminder of last weekend’s guys-only darkroom party, a regular event that the Erotheek 3000 cinema manager “Eljarro*” is proud to organize.

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