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6 Sexy Days – Best and Worst of Groningen’s Pickup

Pickup lines can be very annoying. You have to admit though, some can be pretty witty and creative! Here is the finest collection of the worst and the best pickup lines from the people of Groningen.


Who’s Behind the Curtain?

Some sex workers just sell the sexual act while others claim to offer “true love.” But whatever the proposition is, it’s for money. The Hook talked to a prostitute and an ex-gigolo about their work in the Dutch sex business.

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Dealing with the American police

11026368_10204795873031352_968020919_n“I live in North Carolina, a place where every black person is very aware that you’re looked at as a criminal or a potential criminal,” said Traline DeMon Spencer, who is currently living and working in North Carolina.

“So when I do get stopped I say “yes sir no sir”, I don’t make any sudden movements that could make them think I’m trying to reach a weapon.”

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Life in Gaza

10011539_941056739256164_4048024996898418214_o“The war in 2014 was the most vicious of them all. I was afraid for my life more than ever. It was like bombs everywhere and there was no specific target,” said Mo’men Ashour, 21 years old, who was born and raised in Gaza.

Ashour is studying English Literature in Gaza. Growing up in a city like Gaza was far from the childhood he was dreaming. For him every day was full of desperation and agony about what would happen next and when all the conflicts would end. Continue reading Life in Gaza

A Greek voice

10983423_10202958549039737_8390599179313947281_n“My life has changed tremendously due to the crisis. Prices didn’t remain steady and job salaries are decreasing more and more these days. Unemployment is more than visible. Fortunately, my everyday life involves people that haven’t changed due to the crisis,” said Maria Armirioti, 25 years old from Thessaloniki, Greece. Maria has studied International and European Studies and she is currently living and working in Thessaloniki.

The Hook: Maria, what do you think about the political changes and the new government in your country? Are you afraid of the ‘next’ day?

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Indians are not allowed to kiss in public

There are a lot of things that someone is allowed to do in public in India, however kissing a girl is certainly off the list.  Kissing in public is placed under the header of immoral acts for the majority of Indians.

Kiss of love “It started being developed as part of our culture. It is an unwritten law and it doesn’t matter if you are married or not,” said Ajinkya Patil from India. Continue reading Indians are not allowed to kiss in public

Russia 2015: No transgenders behind the wheel

The Russian government has turned an everyday activity such as driving into a criminal offense.  A new driving law that bans transsexual and transgender people from driving was signed in December 2015 by the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

The Russian state seems to consider transgender and transsexual citizens a threat as far as driving skills are concerned. In fact, homosexuality has been faces as a mental disorder since 1999.The new road safety regulation is placing transgender and transsexual people among those with mental and sexual disorders. Continue reading Russia 2015: No transgenders behind the wheel

Climate change: will self commitment save us?

Our planet is getting warmer and warmer. 2014 was the hottest year on record, with a global temperature of 1.03 degrees Fahrenheit above the average, according to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Yet, despite some recent promises and commitments, what we are doing to stop global warming may be not enough — and we may be too late anyway.

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A special fairytale

“We have to visit the swimming pool six times a week. Konstantinos has frequent medical examinations and has to follow a special diet in order to avoid immobilization caused by fattening,” said Despoina Komnimaki, mother of Konstantinos, a six year old boy.

Konstantinos was born with a common heart problem. His mother explains that she already knew during her pregnancy that Konstantinos would later face heart problems. But, she and her husband were assured that the disease could be treatable through surgeries.

At a very young age Konstantinos went into surgery and got his heart fixed. The doctors assured his parents that he is going to recover completely, however today he is suffering from an orthopedic disease which cannot be treated with medication and which forces him to use crutches in order to be able to walk. Continue reading A special fairytale

An Amsterdam shopping trip

Photo by Celine Cornelis As I walk along the canal bank, bathed in the neon glow of the Red Light District’s window brothels, I am overcome with a profound realization that I might quite soon get a knife in the kidney. I’m walking as I negotiate with a fairly affable cocaine dealer, but he warns me that his associate might not take kindly to my refusal to purchase his product after already taking a free sample. The realization kicks in when the associate in question, a hook-nosed and powerfully built shady fucker of the highest order emerges from behind, looms over my shoulder and tells me “This is bullshit. There are no free samples. You buy the fucking gram.” Continue reading An Amsterdam shopping trip