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6 Sexy Days – Best and Worst of Groningen’s Pickup

Pickup lines can be very annoying. You have to admit though, some can be pretty witty and creative! Here is the finest collection of the worst and the best pickup lines from the people of Groningen.


Dealing with the American police

11026368_10204795873031352_968020919_n“I live in North Carolina, a place where every black person is very aware that you’re looked at as a criminal or a potential criminal,” said Traline DeMon Spencer, who is currently living and working in North Carolina.

“So when I do get stopped I say “yes sir no sir”, I don’t make any sudden movements that could make them think I’m trying to reach a weapon.”

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Life in Gaza

10011539_941056739256164_4048024996898418214_o“The war in 2014 was the most vicious of them all. I was afraid for my life more than ever. It was like bombs everywhere and there was no specific target,” said Mo’men Ashour, 21 years old, who was born and raised in Gaza.

Ashour is studying English Literature in Gaza. Growing up in a city like Gaza was far from the childhood he was dreaming. For him every day was full of desperation and agony about what would happen next and when all the conflicts would end. Continue reading Life in Gaza

A Greek voice

10983423_10202958549039737_8390599179313947281_n“My life has changed tremendously due to the crisis. Prices didn’t remain steady and job salaries are decreasing more and more these days. Unemployment is more than visible. Fortunately, my everyday life involves people that haven’t changed due to the crisis,” said Maria Armirioti, 25 years old from Thessaloniki, Greece. Maria has studied International and European Studies and she is currently living and working in Thessaloniki.

The Hook: Maria, what do you think about the political changes and the new government in your country? Are you afraid of the ‘next’ day?

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Dutch or Greek?

image“Every new day at school was worse than the previous one. Children moved from ignoring me, to making fun of me, simply because I wasn’t from the Netherlands and I couldn’t speak the Dutch language.”

Mirto, is a 24 year old woman from Kerkira, Greece. She has been living in Amsterdam since the age of six. Today she is attending a Master’s degree in Computer Science in the University of Amsterdam.

“My parents decided to move to the Netherlands in 1996. They were offered a better job there which would provide them a better salary. They thought that, since I was very young, moving abroad wouldn’t be a problem for me,” said Mirto. Continue reading Dutch or Greek?

The misogynistic gaming sphere.

It’s the season to be jolly. Gluhwein is being drunk, possibly contributing to the jolly atmosphere, and gifts are being bought and sold. The game industry releases big titles every year for this season, yet 2014 has proven to be mainly depressing for the gaming sphere with bad game releases and events like gamergate. Feminism in gaming came to rise, and became an issue that can no longer be ignored. To take a look into the importance of the issue Charissa Miller tells her story of being a newfound feminist.

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Growing up in Hebron

Motasem Isieed, 27 year old, From Hebron

On his first day of school, in 1993, Motasem Isieed and his classmates spent only fifteen minutes in the classroom. At some point bombing, shooting and clashes interrupted the lesson. The school was evacuated.

It was nothing strange, for him: “It was happening frequently. Sometimes once a week, sometimes once a month. Living like this was the normality, for me. It was my routine, part of my day.” Continue reading Growing up in Hebron

Fighting for Tomorrow


One evening in December 2013 Oryna Stetsenko, 19, was in her student apartment in Kiev, Ukraine, studying, but from time to time her attention was focused on the video stream that was flickering on her computer.

At 12 a.m. the figures on the screen called for activism: “Kiev should rise right now.” The reason why the protesters demanded this is because they were in danger at the Maidan square because Berkut police forces had assaulted them. After seeing those pictures, Oryna and her friends decided to go to Maidan and join the protests.

By 2 a.m. the square was overcrowded and people were fighting against former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych’s attempt to resolve the ongoing protests on Maidan. Continue reading Fighting for Tomorrow