About us

The Hook

The Hook is a  webzine started by a passionate team of international journalists based in Groningen, Netherlands.

You won’t find 24/7 breaking news in The Hook. The world is already full of big-budget live news sources.

What you will find are interesting, diverse, and independent angles on the events that shape our world, in-depth features and analysis, sharp writing, and thought-provoking content. All delivered with love by a team of dedicated and over-caffeinated journalists.

Meet the Hookers!


Céline Cornelis is a Dutch journalist studying at the University of Groningen and working for The Hook. She is passionate about travel and experiencing alternative cultures and lifestyles. Her curiosity for stories and persistence make her a natural investigative journalist, and she is interested in in-depth exploration of angles often ignored by conventional news media. Follow Céline on twitter @xCelinn, or contact by mail at celinecornelis92@gmail.com


Valia Papadopoulou is a Greek journalist, from Thessaloniki, mainly interested in investigative journalism and news writing. She lives and studies in Groningen, Netherlands since September 2014. Valia is writing for The hook at the moment. She enjoys hearing “strange” stories from people. She is an animal lover and spends most of her free time reading novels and cooking. Feel free to contact her at valia.papa90@gmail.com or follow her on twitter, @ValiaPapadhttp://valiapapadopoulou.com/


Jeroen de Vries is a Dutch student in the field of Journalism at the University of Groningen. His interests lie in covering technology and everything surrounding gaming, from gameplay to culture. For now however he dabbles in all topics and all mediums, so prepare for more than just written work. He does this with an eye for detail, an analytical mind, and a tongue that lashes out smooth sarcasm. Follow Jeroen on Twitter @WordsofWits, and for more information shoot an email at j.m.de.vries.11@student.rug.nl


Graham Dockery is an Irish journalist currently studying and working in Groningen, Netherlands. He specializes in writing about extremism, politics, fringe theories, and bizarre subcultures. Graham has a clear style and a keen investigative eye, and is interested in the aspects of events often overlooked by straight news reporting. Follow Graham on twitter @GrahamDockery, or contact by mail at grahamd890@gmail.com


Emanuele Del Rosso is a tall, 28 years old Italian guy. He is a journalist, but also a photographer and, in his free time, a cartoonist. His main interests are international and political news, but you will find features and long form articles with his firm as well. He likes to dress elegant, to brush his moustache and to read the newspapers drinking some good tea. You can follow him on twitter @EmaDelRosso. Take a look at his works also at http://delrossophoto.com/  at http://www.vogue.it/photovogue


Currently studying for an MA in Journalism at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Charlie Bailey is a freelance writer, editor and blogger from the UK. Particularly interested in arts, music and culture stories, he’s equally happy covering breaking news, politics and in-depth features. At present, Charlie is a contributing writer for music website Bassexplorer.com, and The Double Negative arts magazine. Formerly Music section editor and staff writer for University of Birmingham’s Redbrick paper (2009-2012) as part of the team that won ‘Website of the Year’ Guardian Student Media Awards 2011. Can occasionally be found lurking here:  http://mumblingandmusing.blogspot.com/, and @MumblingMusing


Maria van Loosdrecht is a Dutch MA journalism student at Groningen University. After obtaining a bachelor’s in sociology and literature she combined a passion for the written word with a natural curiosity for all things human and decided to pursue journalism. She studied writing in several courses, including a non-fiction writing course at UC Berkeley. Her interests include but are not limited to gender, politics, literature and any story with a quirky side. To get in touch, try Twitter: @Maria_v_l or email: maria@loosdrecht.net

Anna-Lena Sachs is a master student, currently studying Journalism at the University of Groningen. As a former writer for the Nordwest-Zeitung and the American Studies Herald, Anna-Lena has gathered writing experiences in many fields. She is currently an international editor for the Universiteitskrant Groningen and The Hook. Her journalistic work focuses on investigative news stories and portraying feature articles.


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