Who’s Behind the Curtain?

Some sex workers just sell the sexual act while others claim to offer “true love.” But whatever the proposition is, it’s for money. The Hook talked to a prostitute and an ex-gigolo about their work in the Dutch sex business.

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Twilight of the woodsman

Like seemingly every creative profession in the world, porn is always in a state of flux, and the male porn star is never secure in his work. The rise of free, on-demand internet pornography means actors now have to work longer and harder, and for less money. But that has never deterred legions of horny young men from trying to break into the industry.

However, in the supposedly uninhibited and sexually liberated Netherlands, porn studios are finding it unusually difficult to recruit male talent.

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The Sex Workers are Angry

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Rows of windows, bright red lights, and scantily clad women. Some of them are seductively swinging their hips beckoning people closer. Others are seemingly bored, leaning against the window sill playing with their phones. In a maze of dingy alleys customers shuffle alongside tourists and drug dealers alike.

It’s an image that the municipality of Amsterdam wanted to change, even though they are unwilling to comment on it directly.

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Sexiest Song of… The 1990’s

The Nineties are here on Sexiest song of… and we’re slowing things down, dimming the lights and moving from the dancefloor to the bedroom. The decade showered us with classic R&B slow jam seduction, and serious bragging from rap lotharios and the requisite boat-riding honeys. But there’s nothing sexier than someone who knows their own mind and isn’t afraid to say what they want. That’s why this decade’s sexiest goes to Glory Box’ by Portishead: for demanding that we all “sow a little tenderness” over one of the slinkiest jazz samples on record. Continue reading Sexiest Song of… The 1990’s

It’s all just sex and games

Bouncing tits, swaying hips and hookers, all just one click away. Videogames are becoming more and more realistic and graphically impressive. One of the latest examples of this is the Witcher 3. With this level of realism and graphical capability a question rises about the place of sexual content in games. Sex has been a means of selling everything, from cars to deodorant, but where does it stand in games?

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Shared Responsibility?

The 1960s sexual revolution promised carefree sex and a more empowered role for women with the invention of the birth control pill. It didn’t entirely live up to its promise. Over half a century later, even protected sex is rarely risk-free. When it comes to birth control, it’s women who still live with the unintended consequences, from birth control side-effects to pregnancy. In an age of self-driving cars, we haven’t perfected birth control yet.

We might be closing in on it though. Indian scientist Suja Guha invented non-hormonal birth control for men back in 1979—two decades after the invention of the pill. It works just like a vasectomy for up to ten years but can be reversed anytime, would have a near-perfect success rate, and has zero side-effects. Continue reading Shared Responsibility?

Same sex marriage – After Ireland… Italy?

After the historic vote in Ireland to allow same sex marriage The Hook is investigating marriage equality debates in different countries. In a three-part series we will look at the issue in Germany, Australia and Italy, where the Irish vote has sparked wider public debate.

In the aftermath of the Irish vote in favour of gay marriages, one thing must be told to all of those hoping the same thing will happen in Italy: it won’t.

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Sexiest Song of… The 1980’s

In the second instalment of ‘Sexiest Song of…’ we’re moving from the 1970’s into the 80’s; from one club music icon to another. This time it’s the turn of the decade best remembered for big hair, Back to the Future, and your mum’s unsettling obsession with Bon Jovi. We’re here to talk about why Jamie Principle and Frankie Knuckles’ ‘Your Love’ deserves to be remembered as the sexiest song of the decade.

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