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A Russian Alarm Clock

Reddit user walt_ua was woken up on February 10th, not by his alarm clock, but by the impact of a BM30 Smerch missile, which smashed through his apartment balcony. His apartment is located in the city of Kramatorsk, 50km from the frontline of fighting in eastern Ukraine, previously considered a ‘safe’ area.

After seeing walt_ua’s post, I invited reddit users from the city of Kramatorsk to share their pictures from the city with me.

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An eye for an eye: the CIA torture report

My first idea was to draw a cartoon on Schermata 2014-12-11 alle 13.59.28the CIA torture report that was made public the 8th December. I searched the Net for some material to start with. I found the report, 525 pages, and a summary on the website mashable.com, that provides the best of the stuff, the “key findings and important developments.” I started reading.

By the end of the first page of the summary I had given up on my cartoon. Continue reading An eye for an eye: the CIA torture report

Growing up in Hebron

Motasem Isieed, 27 year old, From Hebron

On his first day of school, in 1993, Motasem Isieed and his classmates spent only fifteen minutes in the classroom. At some point bombing, shooting and clashes interrupted the lesson. The school was evacuated.

It was nothing strange, for him: “It was happening frequently. Sometimes once a week, sometimes once a month. Living like this was the normality, for me. It was my routine, part of my day.” Continue reading Growing up in Hebron