5th June: An Anniversary Hard to Appreciate

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Sex. A pleasure or just a taboo?

We cannot deny that sex is an integral part of  modern society everywhere. However, sexual taboos still exist. Although in some parts of the world people openly talk about sex, we shouldn’t take it for granted. But what do we actually consider as taboo?

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Dealing with the American police

11026368_10204795873031352_968020919_n“I live in North Carolina, a place where every black person is very aware that you’re looked at as a criminal or a potential criminal,” said Traline DeMon Spencer, who is currently living and working in North Carolina.

“So when I do get stopped I say “yes sir no sir”, I don’t make any sudden movements that could make them think I’m trying to reach a weapon.”

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Life in Gaza

10011539_941056739256164_4048024996898418214_o“The war in 2014 was the most vicious of them all. I was afraid for my life more than ever. It was like bombs everywhere and there was no specific target,” said Mo’men Ashour, 21 years old, who was born and raised in Gaza.

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The day Ireland raved

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In an unexpected and totally accidental experiment with liberalization, Ireland’s Court of Appeal ruled yesterday that possession of Ecstasy, Ketamine, Crystal Meth, and more than 100 other substances is now 100% legal. People wishing to dig out their old trance CDs and glow sticks should be warned however: after 12am on Thursday, these drugs will be made illegal again.

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