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Céline Cornelis is a Dutch journalist studying at the University of Groningen and working for The Hook. Celine is passionate about travel and experiencing alternative cultures and lifestyles. Her curiosity for stories and persistence make her a natural investigative journalist, and she is interested in in-depth exploration of angles often ignored by conventional news media. Follow Céline on twitter @xCelinn, or contact by mail at

Breaking the stigma: Why we should get busy down under

For the Facebook 30-day orgasm challenge it doesn’t matter how you do it: with a vibrator, your partner, or just you giving yourself a helping hand. There is only one rule. You have to do it for 30 days straight. Continue reading Breaking the stigma: Why we should get busy down under


The Sex Workers are Angry

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Rows of windows, bright red lights, and scantily clad women. Some of them are seductively swinging their hips beckoning people closer. Others are seemingly bored, leaning against the window sill playing with their phones. In a maze of dingy alleys customers shuffle alongside tourists and drug dealers alike.

It’s an image that the municipality of Amsterdam wanted to change, even though they are unwilling to comment on it directly.

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The Kosher Way to Sex

Feathered handcuffs, vibrators in all forms and sizes, lubricant, and a blue happy hippo cockring. These are items found in most sex shops, online or offline. But the products offered by better2gether are ‘kosher’, specifically aimed at Orthodox Jews and they have one function: offering a helping hand in the devout’s bedroom.

But what exactly makes them ‘kosher’? Continue reading The Kosher Way to Sex

‘Terrorism Expert’, the need for sarcastic quotation marks.

“Europe is finished,” at least according to a terror expert who appeared on Fox News last weekend. Cities are experiencing an increasing density of Muslims, with Sharia courts being set up, and religious police beating people who don’t conform to Muslim dress code. Non-Muslims don’t even dare to enter these no-go zones, turning these areas into basically different countries within countries. And one city tops it off:  Birmingham.

Steven Emerson isn’t exactly calling Birmingham a Caliphate – he has Fox News presenter Jeanine Pirro do that for him – but he is damn sure making it sound like one. Continue reading ‘Terrorism Expert’, the need for sarcastic quotation marks.

Grub’s up?

ConBuggie BuggieCrisps, by Joram De Bock for

A handful of peppered waxworms, burgers laced with buffalo worms, and croquettes with a hint of mealworm; these packages of insects are now available next to the salmon. Both are full of protein, but one still has a stigma.

“They look a bit greasy don’t they?” An older man standing next to me eyes the packet of waxworms with distrust.

Approximately two billion people already include insects in their daily food intake according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Which means that for 35% of the world population, munching on waxworms is just as normal as eating peanuts.

For the Netherlands however, this is a culinary experiment. Continue reading Grub’s up?