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Graham Dockery is an Irish journalist currently studying and working in Groningen, Netherlands. He specializes in writing about extremism, politics, fringe theories, and bizarre subcultures. Graham has a clear style and a keen investigative eye, and is interested in the aspects of events often overlooked by straight news reporting. Follow Graham on twitter @GrahamDockery, or contact by mail at

Twilight of the woodsman

Like seemingly every creative profession in the world, porn is always in a state of flux, and the male porn star is never secure in his work. The rise of free, on-demand internet pornography means actors now have to work longer and harder, and for less money. But that has never deterred legions of horny young men from trying to break into the industry.

However, in the supposedly uninhibited and sexually liberated Netherlands, porn studios are finding it unusually difficult to recruit male talent.

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Eljarro’s Pornucopia

Have you ever smelled the lingering scent of anal sex? A mixture of sharp body odour, with a pungent hint of excrement and undertones of condom latex. In a darkened basement, lit only by ultraviolet strip lights and the glare from the screens showing hardcore erotica 24 hours a day, it hangs heavy in the air.

The dense aroma, which fights with the smell of industrial cleaning chemicals, is a reminder of last weekend’s guys-only darkroom party, a regular event that the Erotheek 3000 cinema manager “Eljarro*” is proud to organize.

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The day Ireland raved

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In an unexpected and totally accidental experiment with liberalization, Ireland’s Court of Appeal ruled yesterday that possession of Ecstasy, Ketamine, Crystal Meth, and more than 100 other substances is now 100% legal. People wishing to dig out their old trance CDs and glow sticks should be warned however: after 12am on Thursday, these drugs will be made illegal again.

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A Russian Alarm Clock

Reddit user walt_ua was woken up on February 10th, not by his alarm clock, but by the impact of a BM30 Smerch missile, which smashed through his apartment balcony. His apartment is located in the city of Kramatorsk, 50km from the frontline of fighting in eastern Ukraine, previously considered a ‘safe’ area.

After seeing walt_ua’s post, I invited reddit users from the city of Kramatorsk to share their pictures from the city with me.

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An Amsterdam shopping trip

Photo by Celine Cornelis As I walk along the canal bank, bathed in the neon glow of the Red Light District’s window brothels, I am overcome with a profound realization that I might quite soon get a knife in the kidney. I’m walking as I negotiate with a fairly affable cocaine dealer, but he warns me that his associate might not take kindly to my refusal to purchase his product after already taking a free sample. The realization kicks in when the associate in question, a hook-nosed and powerfully built shady fucker of the highest order emerges from behind, looms over my shoulder and tells me “This is bullshit. There are no free samples. You buy the fucking gram.” Continue reading An Amsterdam shopping trip

Muckraking in wonderland: 7 fairy tale classics rewritten as news leads

We tend to cover some fairly serious topics at The Hook, but we also appreciate the value of goofing off sometimes. We took some classic stories and wondered what they’d look like in a modern tabloid newspaper. Here’s our top 7:

  • Alice in Wonderland

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Help wanted: no Irish need apply

“My client does not hire Irish people due to the alcoholism nature of your kind.” This is the email response Katie Mulrennan, an Irish woman working in Seoul, Korea, received last week after applying for an English teaching job.

The email quickly went viral, and the story was picked up by international media. Katie spoke to The Hook about her experience, and about the not-so-subtle racism that pervades Korean society.

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